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Clinics specialization:

ЗDiseases and consequences of spine injuries:
- back pains
- subluxation in cervical department
- scoliosis
- osteochondrosis
- spondylolisthesis
- disease of Shoyerman-Mau
Deformations of extremities:
- clubfoot
- platypodia
- hortening of an extremity, etc.
- congenital hip dislocation
- displaziya of a hip joint
- wryneck
Chronic violations of brain blood circulation:
- neuritis
- vascular dystonia
All types of urgent surgery:
- treatment of fractures
- treatment of dislocations
- restoration of sinews
- endoprosthesis of joints
- treatment of diseases and traumas of joints

Contact information

Scientific Center of Mother and Child Health Care, National Scientifically Practical Center of Children's Surgery "Natalia Georgiu", Clinic of Children’s Vertebrology, Orthopedics and Traumatology.

MD 2062, Chisinau, Мoldova
Burebista 93
Mob. Tel.: 079755402
Email: nicosav@yandex.ru
Web: www.cvot.md

Record on consultation by phone: (+373) 79755402

Patients were given opportunity of preliminary record on consultation by e-mail niknik20086@rambler.ru


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Consultations in clinic are carried out daily with 7:30 till 14:00. In urgent cases of consultation can be carried out to other time. The appointment card to consultation isn't required.

Depending on patient's mobility, we use two types of consultations: internal (if the patient in a condition to arrive to clinic) and correspondence (if the condition of the patient doesn't allow delivering him in clinic).

More informative are internal consultations as they give the chance to examine the patient most fully.

For effective consultation it is necessary for you to have the following medical documents:

  • roentgenograms of the injured or sick body part (if the rentgenografiya became several times, take all pictures);
  • out-patient card;
  • all discharges, the consulting conclusions, results of special researches which are available at your place (even if they aren't connected with the reason of the address to clinic).

However, if for any reasons you can't provide the documents listed above, consultation is possible. We pay your attention that you should specify consultation time by phone 079755402 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Bulletin board

Dear colleagues and partners! We offer you possibility to place on our site information about medicines and services which would help our patients to feel better! We will be glad to any kind of cooperation!

For additional information address by phone: (+373) 79755402.

Clinic history

Our Clinic – is the unique profile medical institution in Moldova. In it is conducting early diagnostics and treatments of bearing disorder, traumas and diseases of a backbone, bones and joints at children. The clinic has 30 beds. Conservative and surgical treatment of children at the age from 0 till 18 years with congenital pathologies and acquired diseases of locomotor’s apparatus carries out there. In clinic is conducting early diagnostics and treatment of bearing violations, traumas and spine diseases and illness of bones ad joints at children. Annually consulting and diagnostic department accepts more than 6 thousand patients.

The priority directions in сlinic work:

  • Early diagnostics of the reasons and treatment of pain syndromes
  • Degenerate and dystrophic changes
  • Spine deformations
  • Pathologies of cervical spine department.