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Scientific Center of Mother and Child Health Care, National Scientifically Practical Center of Children's Surgery "Natalia Georgiu", Clinic of Children’s Vertebrology, Orthopedics and Traumatology.

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Staff of clinic
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Wednesday, 02 June 2010 00:00

The help to children and teenagers with backbone and locomotorium pathology in the National Scientific Center of Mother and Child Health Care is organized on the basis of Clinic of Children's Vertebrology, Orthopedics and Traumatology since September, 2002 by doctors of clinic:

ШАВГА Николай Георгиевич SHAVGA Nicolae Gheorghy - the professor, the doctor of medical sciences, the head of Clinic of Children’s Vertebrology, Orthopedics and Traumatology.
Nicolae Gheorgievich, after the termination Pediatric faculty of the Chisinau state medical institute in 1963 y., two years worked in countryside. In 1965 has arrived in clinical internship, and then in internal postgraduate study on chair of children's surgery KGMI. In 1970 has protected the master's thesis on a theme: «the Diagnostic pneumoperitoneum at children». In 1989 year has protected the doctor's degree thesis on a theme: «Complex treatment of consequences of combustion of a hand at children». N.G.Shavga has passed a way from the clinical intern to the professor on chair of children's surgery. Professor N.C.Gheorghiu as the head of the Republican Center of Children's Surgery has assigned to N.G.Shavga duties in the organization and formation of children's traumatologic service in Republic of Moldova.
Professor N.G.Shavga was the first children's orthopedist - traumatologist of Ministry of Health. Is the expert the higher qualifications. In the practical activities the special attention gives vertebrology, is the initiator of the organization and the first head of Clinic of Children’s Vertebrology, Orthopedics and Traumatology in the “N.Georgiu” National scientifically-practical center of children's surgery. Concerning a nursery vertebrology N.G.Shavga passed training in TSITO (Moscow) at the prof. V. D. Dedova and prof. A. I. Kazmina, in Children's NIITiO(St.-Petersburg) at prof. J. N. Pozdnikina. In clinic are introduced and are carried out the majority of modern methods of surgical interventions carried out in leaders Vertebrological Centers and so new technologies are developed and introduced. Professor N.G.Shavga is the author over 150 scientific works, one monography and 8 copyright certificates on inventions.

ШАВГА Николай НиколаевичSHAVGA Nicolae Nicolae - is a doctor of medical sciences, the assistant professor at the Chair of Pediatric Surgery, Orthopedics and Anesthesiology, "Nicolae Testemitanu" State Medical and Pharmaceutical University, the employer of Spine Pathology Unit.

He is engaged in a vertebrology, a children's orthopedics and traumatology more than 18 years. Passed training in Moscow, Kharkov, Minsk, worked in Africa. The first in the Republic of Moldova started to apply Kotrelya-Debyusse's transpedikular tools at scoliosis treatment, spine injuries, operated more than 100 patients. The author more than 100 articles, the owner of 11 patents RM (the invention in the field of conservative treatment and a backbone corrective operations).

Main activities - diagnostics and the surgical help to children and teenagers with serious backbone deformations, including complicated by a neurologic symptomatology, with use of segmentary tools, treatment of a pain syndrome of the spine and subluxations in cervical department of the spine with application of methods of the manualny medicine, the newest techniques of extension and antigomotoksical preparations (the last generation), treatment of traumas, congenital and locomotorium acquired diseases.
In 1992 graduated from the Department of Pediatrics Department, State Institute of Medicine. In 1992-1993 passed internship on specialty Children’s traumatology and orthopedics at Scientific Center of Mother and Child Health Care (Chisinau, Moldova). In 1993-94 worked as the orthopaedist-traumatologist in Children's clinics №6, Chisinau. In 1994 was accepted as the scientific researcher at the neuro-orthopedical department, Scientific Research Institute CHPMAC. In 1999 defended successfully the candidate's thesis «Inveterate atlanto-axial subluxations in children. Clinical, diagnostical aspects and treatment." Since 2000 has been accepted as scientific researcher at the Department of Surgical correction of congenital diseases, Scientific Research Institute CHPMAC. Since 2002 up to 2005- had the position of orthopedist-traumatologist at Children's Municipal Hospital. In 2005 was accepted as senior scientific researcher at department «Surgical infections in children" Children's Surgery Chair of KGMU of «N.Testimitanu», in 2009 was assigned the assistant professor title. In 2008 worked as the orthopaedist-traumatologist in AYOD hospital in Africa (Sudan).In 2010 defended successfully the doctor’s thesis on theme «Dysplasias of lumbosacral region in children. Clinico-paraclinical features and orthopedo-surgical treatment ».

For an operating time Savga N. has mastered various techniques and successfully conduct operative interventions for various disorders and diseases of the spine and locomotory apparatus. Savga Nicolae has a high qualifying category in traumatology and orthopedics.

Savga Nicolae is the author of more than 100 scientific works on various diseases and backbone damages, and orthopedic pathologies, has 41 innovations and 12 patented inventions.

In 2009 had specialization in various foreign scientifical-practical vertebrological centers: Institute of the spine and joints pathology of Prof. M.I.Sitenko (Ukraine) (HNIITO, Harkov), the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedy of N.N.Priorova (TSITO, Moscow), the Belarus State Medical University (Minsk). In 2010 - 11 had specialization in Open Medical Institute (Salzburg Medical Seminars, Austria): Bone & Joint Surgery (Weill Cornell / HSS Salzburg), Spinal Surgery (Weill Cornell / Vienna), Bone & Joint Surgery, CME pending (Weill Cornell / HSS Salzburg).

Savga N. - the participant of many scientific conferences and exhibitions in the Republic of Moldova and abroad. Savga N. was awarded with a diploma and a gold medal of international exhibition Info Invent 2009 for the invention «The Device for the treatment of spine deformations».

Savga N. is the member of the society of traumatologists and orthopedists, children's surgeons.

Priority scientific researches directions:

  • traumatic damages of the spine, kyphotic and scoliotic deformations, degenerative, inflammatory, tumoral diseases of the spine.
  • the congenital and acquired deformations of extremities (talipes, platypodia, a shortening of an extremity, etc.); congenital dislocation of a hip and a hip joint dysplasia; diseases and consequences of joints damages, including tendons.